Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

abc Sun Control, LLC warrants that all products are made from the finest materials available and will be free of defects and shall will carry with them the following warranty. This warranty covers only materials and specifically excludes the cost of removal of the defective item and installation of the replacement.

The warranty provided is as follows:
• Awnings and Sun Screen Hardware: 10 years
• Awning and Screen Fabrics: 10 years*
• Lateral Arms and Gears: 10 years**
• Awning and Sun Screen Motors: 5 years**
• Electronic Accessories: 5 years**
• All Stobag Hardware: 10 years
• Brustor Outdoor Living Systems: 5 years
• Clear PVC windows: 2 years***

*Damage to awning fabrics caused by center supports is not covered. Intermediate connections with split fabrics are recommended to overcome fabric issues associated with center supports. Warranty covers full replacement years of 1-5 and prorated thereafter.

**Lateral Arm, Motor and Electronic Accessories warranties are provided by the manufacturer of the equipment and not by abc Sun Control. Determination of warranty applicability on those defective items is final. abc Sun Control will provide dealers with replacement parts and return defective items to the manufacturer for final determination of warranty coverage. Items that are not covered by the manufacturer due to negligent use or improper installation by the dealer or end user will be responsible of the dealer for the cost of replacement parts. Electronic accessories purchased prior to 2005 carry a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

***Scratches and clear PVC getting dim after a while are part of the natural aging process, and are therefore not covered by the warranty.

Warranties apply only to products that were sold to an authorized abc Sun Control dealer and installed under their supervision. Warranties are not transferable from the original owner to subsequent owners.

Warranty covers only products sold by abc Sun Control and is limited solely to the products. All labor associated with the installation, removal and re-installation is specifically excluded.

Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty. abc Sun Control assumes no liability for damage due to faulty installation, reinstallation, and failure to follow routine maintenance and cleaning or failure to adhere to pitch requirements set forth in the catalog, or in proper maintenance and cleaning. abc Sun Control is not liable to any structure to which the product is attached or to property above or near the product

Retractable awnings, sunscreens, and tension shade systems are designed to provide shade only. They must be retracted under extreme climate conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, hail and strong winds. Warranties are null and void if the awnings and screens are left extended out or down under these conditions. In such conditions, the brackets, arms and other parts could fail and serious injury could result from falling debris.

Damage due to defects attributed to transportation, improper handling, installation, chemical or abrasive attack arising from unsuitable cleaning, atmospheric pollution, salt water and falling objects, external forces, explosions, fire, riots, civil commotions and acts of God are not covered under this warranty.

Products installed in ocean and corrosive environments the warranty is reduced to 1 year. It is required of the owner to wash units down with a solution of warm mild soapy water followed with thoroughly rinsing of water, monthly to remove all salt and chemical residue to preserve the function of the unit(s).

If fading or discoloration of fabric or components is suspected, please check for simple cleaning prior to requesting replacement under this warranty. The company reserves the right to furnish a substitute or replacement product or component in the event that a product or component of a product is discontinued or otherwise not available.

Repair or replacement of a product or component will not extend the original warranty period. Replacement hardware for products outside of original warranty periods carries a 90-day warranty that supersedes the warranty described above.

The cost for custom (non-standard color) powder coat paint is excluded for warranty replacement parts and will be billed to the ordering company.

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