abc Sun Control Systems Solette

The Solette Sunscreen is the perfect solution to live comfortably with the sun. The variable openness choices on screen fabrics allow you to maintain the view that you desire while blocking solar heat gain. For larger windows or outside areas that require vertical shading, the Solette creates a glare free environment, maintains privacy, and protects furniture, drapes, floor coverings, and most importantly family members from harsh sunlight exposure.

The Solette comes complete with a newly designed, clean and stylish extruded aluminum housing box with a standard heavy duty weight bar and your choice of heavy duty side tracks, side cables or free hanging hembar. The larger Solette cassette housing accommodates additional fabric to span distances of up to 18’ without fabric gaps and up to 35’ as a coupled unit.

Vertically welded edges with a tape application are available that strengthen fabric edge stability and prevent fabric fraying.

Linear Width 5' - 18' (35' Coupled)
Projection 5' - 16'
Frame Finish Polyester Powder Coated
Frame Colors* White white Ivory ivory Sand sand Bronze bronze
Mounting Options Box-Wall, Soffit or Tracks-Flush
Roller Tube 78mm, 85mm, 100mm
Fabric Guidance Side Tracks, Cable, Free-Hanging
Fabric Protection 5.5" Cassette
Mode of Operation Manual Gear or Somfy Motor
Fabric Options Variable Openness Screen, Opaque, Blackout
* Color Swatch is for Reference Only.