Stobag Airomatic


The Airomatic model is an excellent choice for motorized sun protection on existing interior or exterior areas such as conservatories, glass roofs, skylights, and terraces. The high quality aluminum profile system is a very compact construction and is especially suitable for small and medium size areas.

The cassette box is self -supported by guide rails mounted on track brackets to an existing substructure. The struts have integrated lateral gas piston/cable operation for constant and perfect tensioning of the cover. A choice of track brackets allow for flexible and easy installation even on a complicated structure.

The motorized vertical unit can be mounted and operated at any angle or orientation and larger projections include cross rollers for support of the fabric.

* Color Swatch is for Reference Only.
Linear Width 3'4" - 13'1" (PS4000), 3' - 18'1" (PS4500)
Projection 3'4" - 13'1" (PS4000), 3' - 19'8" (PS4500)
Frame Finish Polyester Powder Coated
Frame Colors* White white (Custom Colors - Upcharge)
Mounting Options Track Brackets to Sub-Structure
Projection Type Guide Rails - Integrated Gas Cylinder/Cable
Roller Tube 3.5" or 4" Steel
Pitch Suggested - 20º
Fabric Protection Full Cassette
Mode of Operation Somfy Motor
Retractable Valance Not Available
Fabric Options 100% Solution Dyed Acrylics
Warranty 10 Year Limited Hardware Warranty
* Color Swatch is for Reference Only.